Author: Multivalence

So Classical Music… Part 1

From time to time in life, I’ve been asked what is the appeal of classical music for devotees like me, and whether there’s any point in someone the questioner’s own age giving it a try. I’ve usually stumbled answering such questions, and lately I’m hearing them a little more often. Here’s a one-evening stab at…

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Things I wish I’d learned

Things I wish I’d learned as a younger man. Rules that rhyme are full of it. You know the ones I mean. For instance, “No pain, no gain.” Clearly a victory of poetic impulse over genuine insight, it’s usually said about exercise, where it couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is that for…

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Hatching a Plot

I saw an interesting blog post the other day from a writer talking about her Frankenstein method of plot outlining.  This brought a smile to my face, as I can identify with both the problem she describes and her eclectic solution.   I’ve recently returned to writing fiction after what looks to have been about a…

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