After too many years as a technical editor, instructional designer, and software toolmaker / developer in the field of interactive learning materials, begun in the 1970s on a bustling pre-Internet global computer and social network, I realized I’d finally reached my fill of all that. It had already been a second career of sorts, my having been for some years a child performer in classical music, from which I was seduced away at university by the thrill of the upstart microcomputing and networking revolution that soon grew into the Internet and much else. Along the way I┬álived in some Nordic countries, learned their languages, read their literature, tried my hand at literary translation, had some adventures, married a Finn, and made desultory beginnings on writing of my own.

Nowadays I focus on my own writing and on helping other writers, mostly literary, complete their work and prepare it for publication. On the side, I indulge my lifelong love of photography and continue to play and record on the piano.

I also work as chief enabler for my wife and her associates in her psychotherapy and couples counseling practice in Atlanta.